“People just love your books - you are getting an unusually high percentage of high rankings.”

M J Rose - New York Times Best-Selling Author

Deadline Vegas

What They’ve Said...

"Brilliant exciting book. If ever a book was perfect to be made into a movie this is it!"

"I hope Mr Stewart will take us on another journey with these main characters."

"Full of drama from beginning to end. This truly is a book you can't put down."

“Deadline Vegas, a great read, gripping stuff, you wonder where Douglas Stewart is taking you. A well informed and obviously much traveled author.”

“Stewart’s writing is fast-moving and laced with that natural British sarcasm that comes so effortlessly. Tough to put down.”
– Richard Marcus – Global Casino Expert

The Ratso Thrillers

Det. Insp Todd “Ratso” Holtom

What They’ve Said...

"Gripping, action-packed thriller that pierces the fabric of the sporting world.” - PETER JAMES

"In Dead Fix, Douglas Stewart takes you as close as you'll want to get to the high-stakes, high risk world of top level match fixing."orld of top level match fixing."

“This book engenders the same get-to-the-end compulsion for the reader as does a Harlan Coben crime suspense or a Simon Kernick or Mark Billingham police novel… the prose is easy to read and the plot is enthralling.”

“The characters are well thought out, and the situations they find themselves in scary and always dangerous. The lead character is a tough no nonsense policeman who will do everything to get the criminals. If you like James Patterson and David Baldicini you will like this.”

“Couldn’t stop reading, this was worth 5 stars.”

“Each chapter leaves you eager to continue reading. This was the first of Stewart’s novels I have read but I will definitely read more.”

“Wow! What a page turner! I can’t wait for the next release. A definite five-star from me!"

“Douglas Stewart has done a great job and has created in Detective Ratso a character who is quick-witted, clever and a worthy addition to the action thriller genre.”

“Fantastic read, great characters, gripping storyline. Definitely want to read more adventures from Ratso. Roaring success Mr Stewart!”

“I read a lot of thrillers and Hard Place is high up on my list of favourites.”

“It is as if the author has inside knowledge of these characters and places; their portrayal is simple, effective and truly insightful.”

“Hard Place is inspired by a real-life event, though Douglas Stewart has transformed this into an entertaining crime thriller”

“… A very enjoyable read. It’s a fast-moving thriller in which you feel you really get to know the characters…. Each chapter leaves you eager to continue reading.”

“The plot was fast paced, characters well-constructed and believable. There are many twists and turns which makes the book very difficult to put down.”

“What a fantastic read, and it's had some awesome endorsements from some of the best crime writers around including Peter James and best-selling author Simon Toyne.”

“Fantastic storyline and very believable no super human stunts just good believable action - roll on the next one in the series.”

“What a treat!! Douglas Stewart is a brilliant author and word craftsman.”

“The book races along at breath-taking pace throughout with unexpected twists and turns which end up with a terrific finale!”

“The novel is well-crafted … and zipped from place to place as it led to a frenetic denouement that kept me glued.”

Number 1 in Series

Number 2 in Series

Number 3 in Series

Other Standalone Thrillers

UNDERCURRENT douglas stewart

“Hard to put down thriller.”

“I read this on holiday and couldn't put it down. Taut storyline and vivid action scenes with lots of inside information on international shipping and pirating of vessels. Great combo and smashing read.”


“Fast paced and gripping. Various twists. Very realistic.”

“A clever blend of villainy” - Sunday Times

“Undercurrent is racy, pacy and lacy, easily a match for the latest Jackie Collins blockbuster!” – Hazardous Cargo Magazine

“Douglas Stewart moves confidently between his varied settings. The local colour of each place is vividly established.” – Evening Independent

“Douglas uses his usual consummate skill to weave a compelling tale.” – Lloyds List

“The action-packed plot follows a trail of intrigue.” – Evening Echo

“So hard to put down that one awaits his next with high expectations.” – A1 Crime

“His fast-moving action-packed story culminates in a nail-biting race against time.” – Lloyds List

“Very good indeed.” – The Long Room

“The end … had me on the edge of my seat.” – Fairplay Magazine

“I’ve only recently found Douglas Stewart’s books and what a treat they are. His characters are wonderfully detailed and quickly storm into your life. Mr Stewart is truly a thinking man’s thriller writer and The Dallas Dilemma is a brilliant example. Without giving anything away it’s a race against time, nail biting story which keeps up the suspense right until the very end when all is finally revealed and you can breathe again.”

“Great ending. I really liked this book. Plot was good and the characters well developed. Easy read, exciting read, and the ending. For once I was really surprised at the ending.”

“Gripping. Fast paced and absorbing read with lots of twists and turns. Loved it.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book. For me, the background overview on wine production in various countries around the world underpinned the tale and provided the 'hook' upon which the story hung. The author then expanded the story line with a variety of characters, in such a way that it really held your interest.”

“A tense and gripping story … He makes us think but entertains us.” – Evening Telegraph

“His pungent stories pound through their plots.” - Daily Mail

The Alistair Duncan Series

Case for Compensation, Villa Plot, Counterplot, The Scaffold

What They’ve Said...

“Which TV company will spot this marvellous series?” – The Sunday Times

“An ingenious story… good, exciting light reading. I strongly recommend.” – Law Society Gazette

“The climax is tense… authentic” – Western Gazette

“This exciting story, with its wonderfully vivid court scenes…” – South Wales Argus

“Do read this superb novel” – Sunday Independent

Short Stories

“OMG...I bought this book after reading some of these authors previously. This book was so enthralling ...Exciting and totally riveting … Loved it x”

“Five Stars”

“An excellent and very varied selection of stories.”

“Real and Relevant.”

“What a great crime thriller read of short stories. My favourite author is Douglas Stewart. His character " Ratso" I found both real and relevant. I am looking forward to another "Ratso" experience in the future.”

“A great book.”

“This is that rare beast, the anthology which doesn't contain a single story about which I have reservations. They differ in length and aren't at all similar in theme, though there's an abundance of corpses. I really enjoyed the diversity here, some being amusing as well as thrilling.”

“19 stories all from masters of this genre… these stories are all gems of their kind. I recommend this book.”

“A brilliant collection of short crime stories. The twists are brutal …. every single story zings. Highly recommended.”

Non-Fiction Books

douglas stewart terror at sea

“An outstanding work on a vitally important subject” - Dr Frank Wiswall, Vice-President, Comité Maritime International

“The Benchmark on Crime at Sea” – Eric Ellen, Founder and Former Director ICC International Maritime Bureau

“Little is known about it (piracy) as a phenomenon of our days. With his book, Douglas Stewart closed this gap.” – Doro Wiese, taz

“… This up-to-date, breath-taking and most accurately investigated book.” – Horst Diere, Neues Deutschland.

“Reviews the extent of maritime crime”

“Exposes the rising tide of Organised Crime.”

”Though it reads with the pace of fiction, this is a savage but true story.” - Dame Esther Rantzen DBE

“A most egregious example of insurer misconduct.”

“This is the book, the map, we have all longed for through the terrifying jungle of the law”

“By far, the best book i have EVER read! Brett Morton is a true roulette player and if you buy this book, you’ll win!” – Louis Raven

“Best book out there without any doubt at all.” – roulette pro, amazon.co.uk

“Listen! If you want to win at roulette, THIS IS THE WAY! Period.” – Boxo, amazon.com