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An Assassin. A Victim. A Conman.

Detective Ratso investigates the murder of secretive London businessman, Seb Marston, executed at home by a professional assassin. The victim’s wife is the hard-driving CEO of an international pharmaceutical company. She may have a motive but as Ratso untangles the victim’s complex lifestyle, other suspects emerge from the USA through Scotland to Poland.


Is Hubert Portilla really a Mexican diplomat based in the United Nations in New York?  Or is he a conman ready to trap the unwary in multi-million global scams? Was Marston into espionage? With pointers to American involvement and death threats from a Polish gangster, Jed Forster, Marston’s millionaire business partner, lives in daily fear for his life. But from whom?


Is there a link between the conman and the assassin? What, if anything, is the conman planning? Despite intense efforts by the FBI, the French police and Ratso’s London team, both assassin and conman remain an elusive and dangerous double threat. Ratso must track them down before Forster is murdered and more victims are conned out of their  millions.


In Deadly Shadows – fiction follows truth. The plot was inspired by a true and murderous story as explained in the AFTERWORD.

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“People just love your books...”

M J Rose - New York Times Best-Selling Author

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Free-wheeling London detective Todd “Ratso” Holtom is on the front-line against a ruthless international gang that imports drugs into the UK and Europe. His nephew has died from drug abuse and Ratso is obsessed with bringing down the London drug baron who seems immune from arrest. The trail leads to the USA and the Bahamas where he is helped by Kirsty-Ann Webber, a svelte Florida detective who has troubles of her own. Mayfair club-land and the Mediterranean feature as Operation Clam races to a climax in a series of dramatic confrontations.

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“Dex” Dexter’s sister dies mysteriously after confronting a casino boss for cheating her of a big win. Having promised her to seek revenge, Dex rushes headlong into a dangerous world of powerful casino bosses in London and Las Vegas. Their new multi-billion casino in Vegas is soon to open and Dex has vowed that will never happen. Suddenly, he is trapped in a world of money-laundering, murder and corruption as he races against the clock to keep the promise.

"Full of drama from beginning to end. This truly is a book you can't put down."

"The book they could not silence."

Tenacious British lawyer Rob Laidlaw and tough street-smart Dallas attorney Inge Loftin team up to represent the victims of Lusifren, an arthritis drug with deadly consequences.

But Laidlaw is under an oath of secrecy – something he can’t share even with Loftin: one of the dying victims is Sheikh Ahmed, the President of the UAE. If this information were to leak, war in the Middle East would be imminent with the fallout spreading to Washington and London.

Marcus Schiller is the ambitious President of Drustein, a giant pharmaceutical company based in Dallas. But for him, this isn’t enough, not with his ambition to move to the White House. With skeletons and secrets to conceal, Marcus will use every means possible to get there – even murder.

Despite their steely determination to win, Laidlaw and Loftin’s egos clash repeatedly on strategy. Only Laidlaw understands the urgency and need for immediate confrontation. As the Sheikh’s health worsens, intensifying the threat to peace, Laidlaw’s secret knowledge pushes their relationship to the breaking point.

In this deadly race against time, can they expose the scandal behind Lusifren and reveal the truth of Schiller’s naked ambition and murderous corruption?


douglas stewart

Douglas Stewart is British author of some sixteen books. Though perhaps best known as the creator of the much-loved Detective Inspector Todd “Ratso” Holtom series, Douglas has written a number of other stand-alone thrillers and best-selling works of non-fiction.

“Stewart’s writing is fast-moving and laced with that natural British sarcasm that comes so effortlessly. Tough to put down.” – Richard Marcus – Global Casino Expert

“The characters are well thought out, and the situations they find themselves in scary and always dangerous. The lead character is a tough no nonsense policeman who will do everything to get the criminals. If you like James Patterson and David Baldicini you will like this.”

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“...nail biting story which keeps up the suspense right until the very end"

“His pungent stories pound through their plots.”
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