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“People just love your book - Deadline Vegas - you are getting an unusually high percentage of high rankings.”

M J Rose - New York Times Best-Selling Author

About Deadline Vegas

“Dex” Dexter’s sister dies mysteriously after confronting a casino boss for cheating her of a big win. Having promised her to seek revenge, Dex rushes headlong into a dangerous world of powerful casino bosses in London and Las Vegas. Their new multi-billion casino in Vegas is soon to open and Dex has vowed that will never happen. Suddenly, he is trapped in a world of money-laundering, murder and corruption as he races against the clock to keep the promise.

"Brilliant exciting book. If ever a book was perfect to be made into a movie this is it!"

"I hope Mr Stewart will take us on another journey with these main characters."

"Full of drama from beginning to end. This truly is a book you can't put down."

“Deadline Vegas, a great read, gripping stuff, you wonder where Douglas Stewart is taking you. A well informed and obviously much traveled author.”

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Douglas Stewart is British author of some fourteen books. Though perhaps best known as the creator of the much-loved Detective Inspector Todd “Ratso” Holtom series, Douglas has, over the past thirty years, written a number of other stand-alone thrillers and best-selling works of non-fiction.

"Gripping, action-packed thriller that pierces the fabric of the sporting world.” - PETER JAMES

"In Dead Fix, Douglas Stewart takes you as close as you'll want to get to the high-stakes, high risk world of top level match fixing." - SIMON TOYNE

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