On 7th December 2000, Douglas and Bridget Stewart were in Florida with their daughter Lara then aged 3 months. While Bridget was putting Lara into their rented car, an elderly local woman drove into the back of it – causing Bridget what turned into a very serious spinal injury.

Insult to Injury is an exposé of the scandalous way in which the American litigation system operates. Outsiders see it as a bonanza for persons seeking compensation with jackpot-sized damages paid to the undeserving.

This book shows the very different reality.

Insult to Injury reveals the vicious war and the no-holds barred approach adopted by insurers against Bridget. They hoodwinked the jury and falsely castigated the Stewarts to avoid paying her justified compensation.

Only after a second lawsuit was the full extent of the ruthless dirty tricks of the defence team revealed.

Insult to Injury covers the story of the first trial and the exciting chase for the truth during the second action commenced in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Written by a former London lawyer and international author the book is a shocking insight into modern day America where, in the greedy pursuit of corporate profit, integrity has disappeared.