Terror at Sea brings to real life all the terror of an attack by pirates armed with rocket-launchers and automatic machine-guns. It tells of disappearing phantom ships and of a cigarette fraud run by a brilliant New Jersey conman, the loss of MV Estonia and many other disasters at sea. As it enters the mysterious world of the Triads, some of the most bloody, cunning and lucrative attacks, frauds and schemes of the past twenty years are brought to the page in an exciting and refreshing way.

“Even as you read these lines, somewhere on the high seas mariners are being attacked by armed pirates, their faces masked, their weapons deadly. Their victims may be murdered, tortured, seized as hostages, or simply dumped overboard.

Today, piracy is a multibillion dollar business. A recent worrying trend, bringing the threat closer to home, is the use of such ill-gotten gains to fund terrorism. International law enforcement, despite a welcome increased will to combat crime at sea, has struggled to be effective in prevention and punishment.”

“An outstanding work on a vitally important subject” - Prof. Dr Frank Wiswall Vice-President h.c Comité Maritime International

“Alarmingly up-to-date since… Al Qaeda has already turned the oceans into scenes of crime.” - Bas Knast, Der Tagespiegel