Inspired by real events, Dead Fix is the second of the Det. Inspector Todd “Ratso” Holtom series, following on from Hard Place. Ratso investigates international sports match-fixing, a labour of love for this London detective. Billions are being staked on fixed results using a global black-market. Following a vicious attack on seeming innocents, he realises that he is up against more than bent players as he tackles the shady and murderous world of criminal gangs.

The trail points to a mastermind operating from Dubai and India. But are Ratso’s instincts failing him? Once again he is supported by colleagues, Jock Strang, Tosh Watson and Nancy Petrie. As the investigation twists and turns, fresh evidence points to the USA. Here, his svelte long-distance lover, Det. Kirsty-Ann Webber of the Ford Lauderdale Police Department yet again proves her worth as the scope and scale of the investigation race to a dramatic climax.

"Even better than the first book with plenty of twists and turns and looking forward to the next one."