Deadly Hush available 28th Feb 2024

Deadly Hush is the third in the Det. Inspector Todd “Ratso” Holtom series. It follows the acclaim for Hard Place and Dead Fix. Now, Ratso has a serial killer on the loose. With each body, the killer leaves a playing-card. The first murder involves a gay icon TV presenter in London. When further gays are murdered, Ratso’s boss is convinced these are hate-crimes. Ratso’s viewpoint differs, presenting a challenge for him and his loyal team.

With media outcry as deaths mount, Ratso’s problems worsen. His jailed adversary, Boris Zandro, hires a hitman to deliver vengeance while Ratso’s investigation jets him to Switzerland and the Caribbean. Layer-on-layer of conflicting evidence leads to dramatic action as the plot races to a tense and nerve-racking climax.

“People just love your books - you are getting an unusually high percentage of high rankings.”

M J Rose - New York Times Best-Selling Author