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First of all, my thriller Deadline Vegas His Obsession- Casino Revenge is available on Pre-Order NOW on Amazon for eBook publication on 18th June 2020.



“Brilliant exciting book. If ever a book was perfect to be made into a movie this is it!”

“I hope Mr Stewart will take us on another journey with these main characters.”

“Full of drama from beginning to end. This truly is a book you can’t put down.”

“Deadline Vegas, a great read, gripping stuff, you wonder where Douglas Stewart is taking you. A well informed and obviously much travelled author.”

“Dex” Dexter’s sister dies mysteriously after confronting a casino boss for cheating her of a big win. Having promised her to seek revenge, Dex rushes headlong into a dangerous world of powerful casino bosses in London and Las Vegas. Their new multi-billion casino in Vegas is soon to open and Dex has vowed that will never happen. Suddenly, he is trapped in a world of money-laundering, murder and corruption as he races against the clock to keep the promise. MISSION IMPOSSIBLE?

Most importantly, at the time, my work as an international lawyer gave me insight to the casino world because I was providing advice about casino operational issues in both Las Vegas and London.I created the plot when living for many years in both cities. Those happy days led to my starting point of any thriller: I ask myself WHAT IF? In the case of DEADLINE VEGAS, the question was: Do casinos cheat the players and what happens if they do?


Casino staff may cheat you but they are being closely watched. Also, sometimes they conspire with the players to cheat the casino, a big danger to management. Finally, in certain countries where the regulators are lax, casinos themselves may cheat you – but it will be more subtle than magnets under roulette wheels.

In contrast to the great days I had living there, as I write, the ghost-town that The Strip and Piccadilly Circus had become are slowly showing signs of coming back from the dead. These are indeed troubled times. Hopefully the problems of Covid 19 will soon be over.
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