Winegate Revisited – 23rd May 2024

On 28th June 1973, ten tax inspectors arrived at 124 Quai des Chartrons, Bordeaux, then the HQ of the highly respected Cruse family. Someone had tipped them off about illegal activity on this prime historic building across the road from the mighty River Garonne. They were refused entry and forcibly and angrily sent packing by […]

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Deadly Hush: A Mesmerizing Crime Thriller That…

This is a review by, of my latest crime thriller Deadly Hush which is the third in the Det. Inspector Todd “Ratso” Holtom series. A mesmerizing crime thriller that deftly explores high society’s dark underbelly. Highly recommended.  The third instalment in Douglas Stewart’s Detective Ratso series opens in Switzerland as a killer, who is […]

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The Alastair Duncan Omnibus

Forty years ago I wrote CASE FOR COMPENSATION. This is the first of three mystery stories about Bristol UK lawyer Alastair Duncan. He investigates an unexplained car-wreck leaving a victim paralysed. Duncan races around France and England chasing down the truth and climaxing in a courtroom drama. In VILLA PLOT, COUNTERPLOT, Duncan takes on dangerous […]

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Deadline Vegas front-cover May 2020

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First of all, my thriller Deadline Vegas – His Obsession- Casino Revenge is available on Pre-Order NOW on Amazon for eBook publication on 18th June 2020. PRE-ORDER DEADLINE VEGAS NOW CLICK HERE UK USA Reviews “Brilliant exciting book. If ever a book was perfect to be made into a movie this is it!” […]

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