Hard Place, The Prequel

Hard Place – The Prequel is a teaser introducing Det. Insp. Todd “Ratso” Holtom in a new mystery thriller series starting with Hard Place. Ratso, a London detective, is obsessed with bringing down a drug baron who for years has been above the law. The Prequel is set in Monte Carlo and leads into the opening chapters of Hard Place, a fast moving international thriller.

Capital Crimes

Number One Best Seller

Capital Crimes

10 Short Story Thrillers


INSCRUTABLE (a Det. Insp. Todd “Ratso” Holtom story)

By Douglas Stewart

Death Toll 3

Insult to Injury is an exposé of the scandalous way in which the American litigation system operates. Outsiders see it as a bonanza for persons seeking compensation with jackpot-sized damages paid to the undeserving. This book shows the very different reality. It reveals the vicious war and the no-holds barred approach adopted by insurers such as Allstate who misled the jury and falsely castigated the Stewarts in resisting the claim

M.O - Crimes of Practice

Edited by renowned crime writer Martin Edwards and published by Comma Press, this anthology contains nineteen short stories and was excellently received. Doug’s contribution was “The Inglenook”.

Young marrieds in Hampshire, UK are living in a remote cottage. Trouble is brewing in this cunning, dark and moody murder story.