The Alastair Duncan Omnibus

Forty years ago I wrote CASE FOR COMPENSATION. This is the first of three mystery stories about Bristol UK lawyer Alastair Duncan. He investigates an unexplained car-wreck leaving a victim paralysed. Duncan races around France and England chasing down the truth and climaxing in a courtroom drama.

In VILLA PLOT, COUNTERPLOT, Duncan takes on dangerous criminals involved in a Spanish holiday homes scam. The drama also involves the world of rare high value stamp collection.

In THE SCAFFOLD Duncan is convinced death on a building project is murder. This plot was inspired by just such a murder that I investigated in the English West Country. The murderer in real life was never charged.

Now LUME BOOKS have put them into an eBook Omnibus -The Alastair Duncan Omnibus -

For me, it is a delight to know there is still a big market for my mystery stories written in a diffferent era. For my younger readers this is like history. For others, the Omnibus will be nostalgic – recalling those days before mobile phones, the internet and social media.

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