Sir Peter Blake – Terror at Sea

Sir Peter Blake -Legendary Yachtsman – Major Development

Sir Peter, who was probably the world’s best-known and successful yachtsman was murdered on the Amazon River in Brazil in December 2001. Overnight, his yacht was moored in the centre of this mega-river when it was attacked by a bunch of thugs known in Brazil as “river-rats.”
He and the crew were placed in a situation where a happy ending is always unlikely. Hoping to be able to defend his crew, Sir Peter ran to his cabin to fetch a gun. However, in the confrontation, he was shot dead.
The gang were arrested and convicted but the ringleader Jose Cardoso escaped after a year but has now been recaptured after 16 years on the run, living under a new identity.
In Terror at Sea, I wrote the full story of this murder among many examples of the dangers whether from cargo-ship stealers in the Far East, to pirates off Africa or drug-runners in the Caribbean.
The news today is very welcome as Cardoso has a further 31 years of his sentence to run.

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