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Terror at Sea

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About the First Edition published as Piraten/ The Brutal Seas.

“… This up-to-date, breath-taking and most accurately investigated book.”

– Horst Diere, Neues Deutschland.

“Alarmingly up-to-date since…Al Qaeda has already turned the oceans into scenes of crime.”

– Bas Knast, Der Tagespiegel

“Little is known about it (piracy) as a phenomenon of our days. With his book, Douglas Stewart closed this gap.”

– Doro Wiese, taz

“The Benchmark on Crime at Sea”

– Eric Ellen, Founder and Former Director ICC International Maritime Bureau

Terror at Sea

Mystery Thrillers

Case for Compensation

“An ingenious story… good, exciting light reading. I strongly recommend.”

– Law Society Gazette

“The climax is tense… authentic”

– Western Gazette

“This exciting story, with its wonderfully vivid court scenes…”

– South Wales Argus

“Do read this superb novel”

– Sunday Independent

Which TV company will spot this marvellous series?”

– The Sunday Times

Case for Compensation

Villa Plot, Counterplot

villa plot counterplot

Villa Plot, Counterplot – 174 pages (when print edition)

“A clever blend of villainy.”

– Sunday Times

Which TV company will spot this marvellous series?”

– The Sunday Times

Villa Plot, Counterplot

The Scaffold


“The novel has pace and invention.”

– Northern Echo

“A tense fictional story.”

– Manchester Evening News

Which TV company will spot this marvellous series?”

– The Sunday Times

The Scaffold

Late Bet


“Stewart’s writing is fast-moving and laced with that natural British sarcasm that comes so effortlessly. Tough to put down.”

– Richard Marcus – Global Casino Expert

Late Bet

Cellars’ Market


A tense and gripping story … He makes us think but entertains us.”

– Evening Telegraph

His pungent stories pound through their plots.”

– Daily Mail

Cellars’ Market



“So hard to put down that one awaits his next with high expectations.”

– A1 Crime

“His fast-moving action-packed story culminates in a nail-biting race against time.”

– Lloyds List

“Very good indeed.”

– The Long Room

“The end … had me on the edge of my seat.”

– Fairplay Magazine

“Undercurrent is racy, pacy and lacy, easily a match for the latest Jackie Collins blockbuster!”

– Hazardous Cargo Magazine

“Douglas Stewart moves confidently between his varied settings. The local colour of each place is vividly established.”

– Evening Independent

“Douglas uses his usual consummate skill to weave a compelling tale.”

– Lloyds List

“The action-packed plot follows a trail of intrigue.”

– Evening Echo


Roulette –Playing to Win


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“Definitely one of the better books to read on roulette”

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– Kerry F

Roulette –Playing to Win