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Capital Crimes

10 Short Story Thrillers
INSCRUTABLE (a Det. Insp. Todd “Ratso” Holtom story)
By Douglas Stewart





PETER JAMES ( 2015 :Voted by WH Smith readers The Best Crime Author Of All Time): “A rich and varied assortment of dark minds and dark deeds. Deliciously disturbing.”

SIMON TOYNE international bestselling author of the Sanctus trilogy: “For anyone whose literary tastes run to the dark and the twisty, CAPITAL CRIMES is a damn near perfect taster menu.”

CAPITAL CRIMES contains nine other short stories all contributed by other members of the prestigious International Thriller Writers of the USA.


First in Series

This is the first of three novels involving Bristol solicitor Alistair Duncan. He seeks justice for a crippled driver involving a desperate search for justice in England and France and culminating in a dramatic court-room drama.

Originally available in hardback under Doug’s pen-name of Cameron Ross, the Paperback and eBook versions are available as written by Douglas Stewart.
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“An ingenious story… good, exciting light reading. I strongly recommend.”

– Law Society Gazette

“The climax is tense… authentic”

– Western Gazette

“This exciting story, with its wonderfully vivid court scenes…”

– South Wales Argus

“Do read this superb novel”

– Sunday Independent

Which TV company will spot this marvellous series?”

– The Sunday Times

villa plot counterplot

Villa Plot, Counterplot – 174 pages (when print edition)

Second in Series


Alistair Duncan is retained to investigate timeshare frauds in Spain and finds himself up against stop-at-nothing developers as he prowls the Spanish coast to expose the scam.

“A clever blend of villainy.”

– Sunday Times

Which TV company will spot this marvellous series?”

– The Sunday Times


The Scaffold – 155 pages (when print edition)

Third in Series


Alistair Duncan investigates a death on a building site. It looks like an industrial accident … but the truth that he exposes is very different.

Originally available in hardback under Doug’s pen-name of Cameron Ross, the eBook version is available as written by Douglas Stewart.

“The novel has pace and invention.”Northern Echo
“A tense fictional story.”Manchester Evening News

“Which TV company will spot this marvellous series?”The Sunday Times


The Dallas Dilemma – 225 pages (when print edition)

Now Available


So close to the truth of drug company shenanigans that a major US drug company threatened a multi-million dollar legal action.

When patients using Lusifren, a miracle cure for arthritis start to suffer shocking side-effects, a cat and mouse game develops. The lawyer battles to expose the truth while The Dallas-based drug company defends itself by lies, murder and cheating.

Now being Re-Released revealing the controversial storyline that forced the book from the shelves.

The publishers withdrew the book from international sale, though rare copies remain in circulation.


Undercurrent – 442 pages (when paperback)

Now Available

When Ryme Lady, a freighter, disappears with all hands and a sixty million cargo, American hard man Art Lemman and English ex-lawyer Gavin Blair investigate for the International Maritime Bureau.

The ship’s owners are fighting insolvency and are fearful of a predatory attack on the stock of their company by Carl Klodinsky, an American shipping tycoon. But has Ryme Lady sunk at all? Or is it an insurance scam, an attack by pirates or an act of international terrorism? On whose side is Claudine, Klodinsky’s chic French-American assistant who exposes Gavin’s vulnerability.

Through Paris, Singapore, New York, London and West Africa, an air of menace and death threaten the investigation and only when Cerne View, a huge cargo vessel is attacked and arrested in West Africa, do Art and Gavin realise that something far more sinister is involved … nothing less than an international outrage involving The White House and 10 Downing Street. Despite their uneasy relationship, the investigators have to work together against the most deadly of enemies … time!

“So hard to put down that one awaits his next with high expectations.” – A1 Crime
“His fast-moving action-packed story culminates in a nail-biting race against time.”– Lloyds List

“Very good indeed.”– The Long Room

“The end … had me on the edge of my seat.”– Fairplay Magazine

“Undercurrent is racy, pacy and lacy, easily a match for the latest Jackie Collins blockbuster!”– Hazardous Cargo Magazine

“Douglas Stewart moves confidently between his varied settings. The local colour of each place is vividly established.”– Evening Independent

“Douglas uses his usual consummate skill to weave a compelling tale.”– Lloyds List

“The action-packed plot follows a trail of intrigue.”– Evening Echo


Cellars’ Market – 197 pages (when print edition)


A Wine War breaks out when a top London restaurant discovers that its stock of Grand Cru French wine is plonk and tastes like trash. The importer asks wine expert Bart Fraser to act as an amateur sleuth / private investigator to discover who can be destroying his reputation. But what starts off as UK problem rapidly takes on international dimensions as more plonk appears throughout the USA and even in France. In Fraser’s investigations, Emma, an outrageously zany London journalist, gets involved as the hunt turns sinister with death, mystery and suspense stalking their efforts to bring down the conspirators. Is it the French wine growers cheating? Could it be the merchants in the French wine region stretching the wine – or is it something entirely different? The chase takes Bart across the USA and France in a frantic effort to expose the criminal gangsters. The action-packed climax is of breath-taking proportions leading to the book being optioned for a major movie release.

Cellars’ Market was originally published by the prestigious Collins Crime Club (now part of Harper Collins). This is the original version but now published for the first time as an ebook.

“A tense and gripping story … He makes us think but entertains us.”

Evening Telegraph

“His pungent stories pound through their plots.”Daily Mail

Kindle e-book released 28 August 2015.
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douglas stewart terror at sea


Terror at Sea brings to real life all the terror of an attack by pirates armed with rocket-launchers and automatic machine-guns. It tells of disappearing phantom ships and of a cigarette fraud run by a brilliant New Jersey conman, the loss of MV Estonia and many other disasters at sea. As it enters the mysterious world of the Triads, some of the most bloody, cunning and lucrative attacks, frauds and schemes of the past twenty years are brought to the page in an exciting and refreshing way.

“Even as you read these lines, somewhere on the high seas mariners are being attacked by armed pirates, their faces masked, their weapons deadly. Their victims may be murdered, tortured, seized as hostages, or simply dumped overboard.

Today, piracy is a multibillion dollar business. A recent worrying trend, bringing the threat closer to home, is the use of such ill-gotten gains to fund terrorism. International law enforcement, despite a welcome increased will to combat crime at sea, has struggled to be effective in prevention and punishment.”

“An outstanding work on a vitally important subject”Prof. Dr Frank Wiswall Vice-President h.c Comité Maritime International
“… This up-to-date, breath-taking and most accurately investigated book.”Horst Diere, Neues Deutschland.
“Alarmingly up-to-date since… Al Qaeda has already turned the oceans into scenes of crime.”Bas Knast, Der Tagespiegel
“Little is known about it (piracy) as a phenomenon of our days. With his book, Douglas Stewart closed this gap.”Doro Wiese, taz
“The Benchmark on Crime at Sea”Eric Ellen, Founder and Former Director ICC International Maritime Bureau