Following a ship’s mysterious disappearance with all hands, American hard-man, Art Lemman, and Brit, Gavin Blair, investigate what may be terrorism, piracy or an insurance scam.

Their investigations of this multi-million crime take them through Paris, Singapore, New York, London and West Africa. Despite their uneasy relationship, they uncover corporate greed and corruption. Only after a massive cargo ship is seized off West Africa does the enormity of their dangerous mission become clear.

Set against power politics involving the White House and Downing Street, Lemman and Blair face death and violence as they race to prevent a further unthinkable outrage.

“So hard to put down that one awaits his next with high expectations.” – A1 Crime

“Undercurrent is racy, pacy and lacy, easily a match for the latest Jackie Collins blockbuster!” – Hazardous Cargo Magazine