Breaking News – December 2016

Following issues with my publishers, I have reached an amicable arrangement under which we have parted company and I have had the rights to all my books returned.


That is the good news!


On the downside, it means that for now, you cannot buy them through bookshops or outlets like Amazon and Kindle. However, I am involved in certain discussions and hope that before long, all the books will become available again.


Watch this space!


Additionally, in the pipeline is Dead Fix, the follow-up to Hard Place and I plan a proper launch of Tables Turned which never happened last July as planned. More details as things develop will appear on my Facebook page.


Roulette – Playing to Win


Winning at Roulette is a percentage game and this book explains in plain language just how and why it is so easy to win or lose.

Winning occasionally is simple.

Winning Consistently is How to Make Money and what “Roulette Playing To Win” Teaches You How To Do. Although Winning every time is impossible, Brett Morton averages an 80% Win Rate when using these methods. Win rates for the typical player may differ, depending on how closely the methods are followed & how much discipline the player has.

While playing extensively around the world but especially in Las Vegas and London, Brett Morton has watched, listened and learned about why some players win and others lose.


Roulette – Playing to Win” is listed in the Amazon “Best Books of 2014”


Every spin is a new and usually random event. Every spin is a fight against the casino’s edge. Despite these negatives Morton set out to develop the basics that enabled him to win consistently. He explains the methods to use, rates many of the well-known systems but above all, brings a clear and refreshing eye to this tantalising game. Morton set out to prove the pundits wrong.

His conclusion is clear: Roulette can be beaten

Brett Morton explains the various systems that are supposedly infallible. He explains their dangers and rates them for comparison. He uncovers the traps for the unwary; exposes the bad bets that should never be placed and enables the reader to understand why the best players win consistently while the majority lose the shirts from their backs.

Based on his global research –
watching and meeting winners and losers, Brett explains how and why it is possible to win consistently by understanding the game better than others and by playing within a series of guidelines. Roulette can be beaten by players who play to win.

ISBN: 1 84344 020 2

“By far, the best book i have EVER read! Brett Morton is a true roulette player and if you buy this book, you’ll win!”

– Louis Raven

“Definitely one of the better books to read on roulette”

– Dean Hyman,

“best book out there without any doubt at all.”

– roulette pro,

“Brett Morton has come up with one of the most readable books on roulette in ages.”

– T Wilson,

“Listen! If you want to win at roulette, THIS IS THE WAY! Period.”

– Boxo,

“I really got a lot out of this ebook. I purchased quite a few and it is one of the best.”

– Kerry F