Deadline Vegas

“People just love your book - Deadline Vegas - you are getting an unusually high percentage of high rankings.”

M J Rose - New York Times Best-Selling Author

Just after the Millennium, when I was based in Las Vegas, I was involved in assisting some international casino groups and what I learned inspired my thriller published in 2007 in the USA as Late Bet. Before moving to Vegas, I was also involved quite closely with the Formula One Racing scene. That became part of the sub-plot.

Not for the first time, there was interest in creating a movie from one of my books and Late Bet was no exception. Like other initiatives, involving Hollywood, in the end and disappointingly, it came to nothing. However, by then I had been encouraged to use Late Bet as a springboard for the movie’s script. This led on to a very different storyline now released in 2020 as Deadline Vegas.

Those who have read Late Bet will notice similarities but in reality, the differences are fundamental. Hopefully, you will enjoy both thrillers.

“Stewart’s writing is fast-moving and laced with that natural British sarcasm that comes so effortlessly. Tough to put down.” – Richard Marcus – Global Casino Expert