Breaking News – December 2016

Following issues with my publishers, I have reached an amicable arrangement under which we have parted company and I have had the rights to all my books returned.


That is the good news!


On the downside, it means that for now, you cannot buy them through bookshops or outlets like Amazon and Kindle. However, I am involved in certain discussions and hope that before long, all the books will become available again.


Watch this space!


Additionally, in the pipeline is Dead Fix, the follow-up to Hard Place and I plan a proper launch of Tables Turned which never happened last July as planned. More details as things develop will appear on my Facebook page.


The Dallas Dilemma


The Dallas Dilemma – 225 pages (when print edition)

When patients using Lusifren, a miracle cure for arthritis start to suffer shocking side-effects, a cat and mouse game develops. The lawyer battles to expose the truth while The Dallas-based drug company defends itself by lies, murder and cheating.


So close to the truth of drug company shenanigans that a major US drug company threatened a multi-million dollar legal action.

The publishers withdrew the book from international sale, though rare copies remain in circulation.

e-book version coming shortly