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Have you been catfished?

Have you been catfished? You may not find out for days, weeks or months. I have now been catfished twice on my Facebook pages. The first time was some 18 months back and the second time last month. The strange word arose from the drama documentary made in 2010 – called Catfish! A “catfish” is […]

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England Test Match to be FIXED

The headlines in the Daily Telepgraph on 26th May 2018 are a stark warning of the ongoing dangers to cricket and other international sports from gangsters who fix results to win big on the black market for gambling – at the cost of honest punters. No question, bodies who run cricket, tennis and other major […]

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Corruption in Sport – Tennis under the Cosh!

Following on from the Australian cricket team being caught cheating in a recent Test match in South Africa has now come the revelation that an Independent Review Panel set up in 2016 has established a tsunami of fixed tennis-matches. In Dead Fix, my thriller about sporting corruption, I touched on tennis as having been infiltrtaed […]

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Was it Murder – Send for Ratso?

The picture shows the family home of Barry & Honey Sherman at 50 Old Colony Rd, Toronto. Their fabulous mansion had been for sale. Photos of the house and pool are on the web. The police were still guarding the billionaire’s $5 million property when I visited the location. This month, the elderly couple were […]

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Match-Fixing in Cricket

Cricket – Match Fixing Dead Fix –You Bet. They Win My new thriller, DEAD FIX is published in January 2018 and is hugely topical because the theme is about match fixing in sport and cricket in particular. This scourge is not new. A betting scandal in baseball erupted in America around 100 years ago. There […]

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Ratso’s Joke of the Week

Police have an uneasy relationship with many lawyers. Ratso is no exception and he enjoyed this joke and he has plenty more that fly about over a couple of pints: What is black and brown and looks good on a lawyer? Answer: A rottweiler.

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