Breaking News – December 2016

Following issues with my publishers, I have reached an amicable arrangement under which we have parted company and I have had the rights to all my books returned.


That is the good news!


On the downside, it means that for now, you cannot buy them through bookshops or outlets like Amazon and Kindle. However, I am involved in certain discussions and hope that before long, all the books will become available again.


Watch this space!


Additionally, in the pipeline is Dead Fix, the follow-up to Hard Place and I plan a proper launch of Tables Turned which never happened last July as planned. More details as things develop will appear on my Facebook page.


Book Reviews

Terror at Sea

Terror at sea cover Final front

About the First Edition published as Piraten/ The Brutal Seas.

“… This up-to-date, breath-taking and most accurately investigated book.”

– Horst Diere, Neues Deutschland.

“Alarmingly up-to-date since…Al Qaeda has already turned the oceans into scenes of crime.”

– Bas Knast, Der Tagespiegel

“Little is known about it (piracy) as a phenomenon of our days. With his book, Douglas Stewart closed this gap.”

– Doro Wiese, taz

“The Benchmark on Crime at Sea”

– Eric Ellen, Founder and Former Director ICC International Maritime Bureau

Terror at Sea

Mystery Thrillers

Case for Compensation


“An ingenious story… good, exciting light reading. I strongly recommend.”

– Law Society Gazette

“The climax is tense… authentic”

– Western Gazette

“This exciting story, with its wonderfully vivid court scenes…”

– South Wales Argus

“Do read this superb novel”

– Sunday Independent

Which TV company will spot this marvellous series?”

– The Sunday Times

Case for Compensation

Villa Plot, Counterplot


“A clever blend of villainy.”

– Sunday Times

Which TV company will spot this marvellous series?”

– The Sunday Times

Villa Plot, Counterplot

The Scaffold


“The novel has pace and invention.”

– Northern Echo

“A tense fictional story.”

– Manchester Evening News

Which TV company will spot this marvellous series?”

– The Sunday Times

The Scaffold

Late Bet


“Stewart’s writing is fast-moving and laced with that natural British sarcasm that comes so effortlessly. Tough to put down.”

– Richard Marcus – Global Casino Expert

Late Bet

Cellars’ Market


A tense and gripping story … He makes us think but entertains us.”

– Evening Telegraph

His pungent stories pound through their plots.”

– Daily Mail

Cellars’ Market



“So hard to put down that one awaits his next with high expectations.”

– A1 Crime

“His fast-moving action-packed story culminates in a nail-biting race against time.”

– Lloyds List

“Very good indeed.”

– The Long Room

“The end … had me on the edge of my seat.”

– Fairplay Magazine

“Undercurrent is racy, pacy and lacy, easily a match for the latest Jackie Collins blockbuster!”

– Hazardous Cargo Magazine

“Douglas Stewart moves confidently between his varied settings. The local colour of each place is vividly established.”

– Evening Independent

“Douglas uses his usual consummate skill to weave a compelling tale.”

– Lloyds List

“The action-packed plot follows a trail of intrigue.”

– Evening Echo


Roulette –Playing to Win


“By far, the best book i have EVER read! Brett Morton is a true roulette player and if you buy this book, you’ll win!”

– Louis Raven

“Definitely one of the better books to read on roulette”

– Dean Hyman,

“best book out there without any doubt at all.”

– roulette pro,

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– T Wilson,

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– Boxo,

“I really got a lot out of this ebook. I purchased quite a few and it is one of the best.”

– Kerry F

Roulette –Playing to Win